At a crossroads

Any other new small business owners out there? Seems things are much more hectic, scattered, and glorious! Despite sleep-depriviation and realizing I need more RAM for my brain, I couldn’t be happier. As with any consultant, you’re wondering how to build the business and where to get the next contracts, and the ones after those, and the ones after those. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

The crossroads I find myself at today: get a contract doing something at which I excel but doesn’t exactly thrill me (but it would take care of some finances for the next little while), or invest in a new career direction where I would gain new skills to enhance what I want to base my business on? I may need a life coach just to help me out. I have an appointment with a life coach next week. Interesting field and, oddly enough, it’s the field I’m seriously considering entering. It never hurts to get some guidance when you need it. Especially when you’re just starting out.

Is there anything in your life that would be good to talk it out with someone?