In alignment

Do you consider yourself brave? What’s heroic to you? It’s not always what first comes to mind. In the face of imminent danger or crisis, there’s no telling what we ourselves are capable of doing, but there has been plenty of evidence of extraordinary feats achieved by humans. They are inspirational stories that makes us smile and feel more open to the idea of hope. Helping others is always inspirational.

When was the last time you were able to help yourself? We cheer on our friends and family when they try new things. We celebrate their successes and lend support during the low times. How come we don’t consider it brave when we give ourselves permission to have faith and confidence in ourselves? We are
our harshest judges.

Taking that first step in an unfamiliar direction means taking a risk in ourselves. Confidence or not, if our true selves and goals are in healthy alignment, taking that first step is among the most unburdening moments in our life. It all starts to fall into place and the path forward seems more clear. After any extended time in an unsustainable situation or position, we face a choice: Do we stick with the familiar however it drains our soul? Or do we risk finding harmony? It’s when we feel the most burdened and uninspired that it’s time to dig deep and take a risk. “Something” compels you to move forward. What is that “something”?? Something clicks in our minds and triggers an internal synaptic cascade of meaningful connections.

What are you willing to risk in order to reach harmony and alignment in your life?


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