Chocolate saboteurs

So here’s the funny thing…

Career-wise, I’ve gone independent and am on track to developing a consulting business – always an uncertainty – but I’m expending the effort, passion, and vision to making it happen and succeed. Nothing funny about that. Here’s the kicker… I can’t seem to get back into my running despite the fact I’d been very fit a few years ago, already knowing how great it feels to be in shape and that perseverance has a known pay-off. Go figure. And buying some Cadbury bite-size chocolate caramel Easter eggs don’t help much.

Putting effort into something not totally certain vs. procrastinating doing something that has a known, already-experienced benefit.

Odd how the ol’ brain rationalizes things out. The chocolate caramels were yummy. Well, bite the bullet… I’m off to the gym!

Are you aware of any saboteurs to your life goals (real or imagined)? Bite the bullet (not the chocolates)!


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