Excitement does not equal motivation

Now at the halfway mark of the life coaching core curriculum, I am less excited than when I started this journey. Not a bad thing. A little disconcerting, however, because, for many, motivation is equivalent to passion, joy, energy, excitement… whatever it is that sends a systemic zing along your nerves.

To me, life coaching is like coming home. External motivators will always be there, but there’s now a solid internal conviction of “I am on the right track. I’m home. I know.” There’s no more questioning despite my inner critics. Maybe it’s because I can visualize where I want to be. More like a resonant hum.

“I’m good at what I do” no longer cuts it. You can die a slow death doing what you’re good at, yet never realizing what truly pumps your soul. Or never taking that first step into the “What If” potential.

How would it feel to KNOW you’re right on target with your life’s dream?


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