Motorcycle space-time continuum

I recently got my Class 6 licence. I can now ride motorcycles. I have a motorcycle. A little Suzuki Boulevard S40. Light and nimble. Been thinking of doing this for the past six or seven years. Motorcycles are commonly equated with freedom. To me, it’s perspective. Riding is pure pleasure and, yes, freedom. I don’t even have it insured for commuting to work. It’s for me only.

Coming from years of sports, including road biking and mountain biking, I find the motorcycle culture fascinating. I’m not talking about Harleys, studs and fringes, tattoos, or stereotypes. It’s a whole new dimension for me. I’m still new enough to have to think of the actual riding mechanics (clutch, brake, throttle control). A large part of it is becoming more attuned with my bike – listening to the engine, feeling the rush of air, gauging my speed by that rush of air alone, higher awareness of other riders and drivers and the associated potential for “get-offs” (i.e., unintended falls and spills).

It’s like the very first time I did an openwater swim for a triathlon. No swim lanes markings to see. Couldn’t see the bottom of the lake. Couldn’t even see 10 feet ahead. Thrilling. Senses alight. (What!! Was that a fish?! Oh… seaweed.) Never looking back again. Loved it! Love it still. The waves and swells. Staying on course by sighting ahead every so often. Three-dimensional state of being.

When I ride on the road or swim in open water, I am spellbound by what’s happening right now. There’s no dwelling in the past. There’s no strategizing the future. There’s only Now. And it’s got me living fully in this moment. And this moment. And this.

What perspective do you choose to have at this very moment?


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