Shucks, what does corn have to do with it?

I live in an area where there are lots of farms. How lucky am I! Gorgeous valley views, trees, mountains, big sky, green spaces abound.

So here’s the thing…

A few weeks ago my whole world collapsed into tunnel vision. Sort of. What happened is that the surrounding corn fields were planted and the green rows started growing, making fields look lush and, well, green. On that fateful day, I was driving along and realized I could no longer see above the corn. No more gorgeous valley views or mountains. The big sky was still there, thank goodness, but, for the time being, my world view was squeezed down to paved alleyways between fields of tall, growing corn. In my perspective, it had happened overnight. One day the vista was there, the next day, not so much.

Made me think of how the “squeezing” had snuck up on me and one day, BOOM, no more country vista. This then made me think of things that seem to surprise us in life.

“When did the dishes pile up so high?”
“How did I get to this point in my career without realizing it?”
“How did I lose track of time?”
“I used to love doing that.”
“I’ve always wanted to do that, but…”
“I’ve always wanted to try that, but…”

But… we wake up one day and wonder where the time went that we haven’t taken a step closer to our dreams, goals, and visions. The truth is that the diversion to another course happened gradually, yet plainly, not really sneaking up on us – we just didn’t sense any call to action otherwise. Life is squeezed down to circumstances that seem to have so much power over what we truly want and who we really are. Our perspectives are reduced to what’s directly in front of us. No bends in the road. Sound frighteningly familiar?

Hey, you! Time to look up and see where you are. What’s the big picture? Who are you right now? What do you want right now?

The great thing about corn is that you harvest it, shuck it, roast it, and eat it. Take back your dreams and start tasting what life has to offer. Heck, spice it up and add butter. Take a deep breath. Sink your teeth into it. Your vista is waiting for you. So what are YOU waiting for?

Pass the floss.


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