Dirty little secret

I am a life coach with a dirty little secret.

At one time, not too long ago, I was skeptic of life coaches and what I believed their work implied. My impression was that life coaches capitalized on those who were incapable of picking up the reins of their own life, powerless to make the changes they wanted. Business was booming with the poor souls who had lost their initiative, their chutzpah, their mojo.

Ignorant me.

Believe me, as someone with over 20 years’ experience of biological science and research ingrained into my career track, becoming a Co-Active Coach was nowhere near my radar! No, really. If Mars is 401.3 million km from earth at its farthest orbit (according to NASA), then take that to the 401.3 millionth power and you get the idea of how far off my radar it was.

While space travel on that scale is, for now, unfathomable, the impossible did happen. I’m now a Co-Active Coach. And loving every millisecond of it!

So what changed?

Before I answer that, imagine a “Lord-Of-The-Rings” kind of rainy, stormy night at a local tavern like the Prancing Pony. Someone pounds roughly on the door. You demand, “Who are you? What do you want?” Guess what? You’ve just asked two of the most important questions a Co-Active Coach will ask. As you become more clear about your responses to those questions and your values, your life becomes yours. Truly yours.

What changed was my perspective.

While excellent knowledge and skills to have, science and research were not aligned with who I really am and what I truly want in life. At a time when I launched my first business and was in a position to grow, I found myself at a crossroads with many tantalizing opportunities. Nothing bad or sad. Only exciting stuff, yet pretty scary to take the leap into career independence. Even when things are really good, sometimes you just need someone in your corner to believe in you.

Those who seek the professional services of a life coach have not lost their initiative, chutzpah, or mojo. They might feel that way, but it’s not true. They’ve simply lost touch with who they are and what they want. At least, the vision has become blurred. Or maybe they’re ready to take their life, their business, or their career to the next level.

My role as a Co-Active Coach is to facilitate your journey in clarifying who you are and what you want. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Having gone through the transition myself, I am confident that with a Co-Active Coach in your corner you can take your life to the next level, too.

(I usually end with some amazing, thought-provoking question, but you already know what I’d be asking you today.)