I’m sorry. You’re sorry.

True story.

One day, back in highschool, a friend and I were grocery shopping for her mom. I was pushing the cart. She was getting the food. I accidentally rolled over her foot or caught her heel in the wheel or something like that. I said “ouch!” She’s the one who said, “I’m sorry”. My friend and I found this reversed dialogue pretty hilarious as only highschool girls can. But what’s wrong with this picture? Okay, let me just cut to the chase.

How often have we apologized for something that isn’t our fault?
Probably more often than we want to admit. I’m guilty of it sometimes. Sorry.

What else do you apologize for? For your intelligence? Your natural talent for math? Your height? For knowing the difference between right and wrong? For having feelings? For being you??

I’m not talking about an inflated sense of entitlement. Rather, I’m referring to recognizing your values and being clear on who you are when your values and your life path are aligned. How can you apologize for something so resonant? How DARE you apologize for that?!

Something I’ve noticed… when you are resonant about your life, or about something in your life, there’s an odd phenomenon whereby someone else who does not have that resonance needs to “un-resonance” you. You know it when you hear it – you’re being “put in your place”, wherever THAT is. And I AM sorry to see it happen. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that person could experience even a little piece of resonance for themselves so that they can move forward… onward to their own Seismic Life? Because it’s there. It’s shouting to be tapped into and set free.

How are you hiding your brilliant, resonant self from others, or even from yourself?