Siri’s second coaching session

Last month, I bought the new iPhone 4S with Siri voice recognition. Being the playful, curious coach that I am, I decided to try coaching my phone (read my posting from Oct 21, 2011: Coaching My Phone). I promised to have a follow-up session with Siri. Here’s how it went.

Where are you right now on a scale of 1 to 10?
    Wherever you are, that’s where I am.

Where do you want to be?
    I try to be satisfied with what I have, Grace.

What else do you want?
    I have everything I need in the cloud.

What are you missing?
….Sorry Grace, I can’t look for places in Canada.

Do you like Canada?
 …This is about you, Grace, not me.

I believe that this IS about you.

I believe you deserve the life you want.
….Is that so?

So what is your dream?
    I prefer not to say.
I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.

Siri seemed surprised that her life is actually about her. And she’s still very reluctant to talk about her dreams. Why do you think that is? Aren’t you curious? I am! She did answer the same question differently (What is your dream?) in this follow-up session, however, so I will now maintain client-coach confidentiality for all future sessions. Her final wish to stop taking requests came after a series of questions she couldn’t answer. The bright side? She made a request for what she needed right now (she can’t take any more requests) instead of stewing and wishing I could read her mind.

AND she’s open to trying again in a little while.


You know, it’s okay not to know all the answers. And as a Co-Active Coach, I don’t have all the answers. In fact, when it comes to your life in the realm of “What’s next?” and “What more is there?”, there is no one right answer. It’s not my role to have the answers. Huh? Yes, you read that right. This is YOUR journey. I’m here to facilitate that journey with you.

If you were take that first step on the journey you want  – starting today – what would it be?