Brains are tricky things

Brains are tricky things. I don’t know much about how brains work, but I do know that mine plays mind games. When I’m about to breach the limits of my comfort zone, my brain tells me all sorts of things: notgoodenoughdontriskitstaysafe.

Whoa! Those are pretty powerful messages. And they’re all big lies. Where are they coming from? More importantly, why do we listen to them? The brain’s specialties are to ‘logic’ things out to kingdom come and to imagine the worst case scenarios. Then we stop stretching.

But wait, what does your heart have to say? What’s at the very core of your beliefs and values? At any given moment when you dare to acknowledge what matters most to you, what makes your heart sing? Give it wings. Robin Sharma is right: “The more time you spend in your discomfort zone, the more your comfort zone will expand.”

With every step forward and every success realized (however small), your brain learns a new language.

Imagine the powerful things your brain will say with your heart as ally: thisisamazingyourockthisisamazingyourock!

Now that’s something all of us should listen to everyday.

What one thing will you do today to stretch your comfort zone?