Pick your line

Years before I learned how to ride a motorcycle, I did cross-country mountain biking. And before that, I cycled on the road. Road biking restricts you to the road (surprise!). Unless you want a flat tire or bent rims, you stay where it’s paved. It’s safer that way.

Mountain biking takes it all to a new level. Anything can be your path – logs, rocks, drops, tree roots, stream beds, trails, curbs, ditches and, yes, the occasional road. The same rock drop that screams to a road bike, “Whoa, don’t go there, can’t do that,” instead tells a mountain bike, “Come play with me!”

The same trail can yield a different ride, every time. At any given moment, you get to “pick your line” because at any given moment there are innumerable opportunities for a great ride. I’ve fallen lots of times – I have the scars to prove it and so does my bike – but then I’d ride it all again until I picked a good line.

There’s something about choosing your own life path, moving forward from a place of choices, and seeing things in new ways. Sure, you’ll make mistakes along the way. Just pick another line the next time. It’s time to play!

What “line” are you choosing today?