Just play

Have you ever watched kids play at recess? First impression: it’s very colourful… kids wear the darnedest things. Last week, I drove through a school zone during recess. Don’t have the faintest idea what game was going on, but there was plenty of running involved. Running here and there, in circles, all zig-zaggy.

In the 10 seconds it took to drive past the school yard, I figured there were at least two other parts to the game, besides all that running:

Rule #1: Laugh. A lot.
Rule #2: Be curious. (This I got from catching sight of a little boy in a green rain slicker exploring the possibilities from a stick and puddle.)

Sounds simple, right? Then why is it so hard to play this game as adults? We’ve either made up senseless rules that no longer work or we play by someone else’s rules. I’m referring to all the “shoulds” and “musts” rattling around in our heads. I know you have them because I have them, too.

I should be able to handle this. I must be the strong one. I shouldn’t be angry.

What does it take to re-invent the game?

When you don’t know where to start, start with what you know. Start with the first two rules you knew as a child: Laugh a lot. Be curious. When you’re in the game, don’t forget the best rule of all: Just play.