Monday Monday

It’s another Monday morning. What have you got planned for the upcoming week? I’ve got a list. I bet you do, too. So what would make this Monday different from any other Monday, other than the happy fact that we’re a week older?


Let’s say the one thing that would make the biggest positive difference in your life is on top of a mountain. Be honest with yourself… what would you do? Our inner gremlins say, “That’s too hard. Wait another day. How dare you even think of dreaming bigger?”

If you listen to them, you might settle for second best. Heck, maybe even third best. And so, this Monday rolls into another Monday and all you’ve got to show for it is being yet another week older.

Envision whatever it is that you seek in as much detail as possible, engaging all of your senses, every chance you get. I don’t care whether or not you think it’s possible. Until you envision and feel it in utter clarity, there’s nothing to help you stay the course when obstacles or delays lead to second-guessing.

“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” ~Audre Lorde.

How dare you settle!