Business as unusual

While waiting in line at a popular coffee shop on a busy Saturday afternoon, I noticed something. Ordering coffee is a ritual, complete with its own language and rhythm. When there’s a long line of people who want their java fix, you’d better know exactly what you want when you reach the counter. After all, you’ve had plenty of time to decide. Time’s a-tickin’.

But that’s not what I noticed.

Each customer was greeted with, “What would you like?” which was promptly met with the specifics of each order. We shuffled along. My turn.

“What would you like?”

“Hi, David,” (I read his name tag two customers ago.) “You can start by letting me know how you’re doing today. How are things with you?”

David blinked a couple of times. A smile broke across his face.

“I’m doing excellent! Pretty excited about my first marathon tomorrow.”

We exchanged a few more words. Business-as-usual was interrupted, if only for a moment. It was nothing earth-shattering, but David shared something he cared about with a stranger who called him by name and asked about his day.

What does business-as-unusual look like to you? Who will you connect with today?