I. Human.

Remember the last time you caught yourself saying something so incredibly lame that you groaned inwardly, even as it dribbled out of your mouth? Something in our brain alerts us to the realization that we’re about to commit the social equivalent of a deflating balloon. And so it happened to me.

For the record, nothing improper was said – I just had a brain hiccup. (Hey, it happens.) There was, however, that split second that stretched into painful eternity as I scrambled to pick the least awkward route:

“Do I complete this lame thought out loud to this person and risk appearing befuddled? Or do I just stop now and still risk appearing befuddled?” Back and forth for several nanoseconds.

Both options were equally unappealing, but when in doubt choose “B” since a half-lame thought is less lame than a full-lame thought, right? Such was my logic at the moment. Maybe they didn’t notice.

Looking back, I laugh at it now. Not worth remembering, really. We are hardest on ourselves over the silliest things.

Everyone else gets to be human. Why not you?