B.S. I don’t buy anymore

Four weeks ago, I posted a Seismic eShift called “Monday Monday”. Read it again. Okay, let’s talk about accountability. I wouldn’t be a good coach if I didn’t check in with you about this. Four weeks didn’t take very long, did it?

What have you visualized as the one thing right now that would make the biggest positive difference in your life? What details make it come alive for you? What has changed since that Monday a month ago? And equally important, where do you want to be one month from now?

I’m not sure what I want. It’s not easy.

Pretend that you do know.

 “Safe” is familiar.

Feel the fear and take a step anyway.

Things are fine the way they are now.

Really? Are you breathing or are you living?

One month from now, don’t you want to be more than just “one month older”?

Celebrate a commitment that is bigger than any self-sabotaging emotion or thought you might have at any given moment. Every small step counts. Every single one.

What will you commit to today to get the ball rolling? I’d like to know.