Less backspace, More TA DA!

Ta Da!

When I’m not coaching, a large part of my livelihood as a communications specialist depends on writing, engaging, and researching… activities relying heavily on the use of a computer. Last week, I re-labelled my keyboard’s ENTER key with an orange piece of paper. On it is written, “TA DA!” I did this for one simple reason: I want to make things happen.

Every time I press TA DA! to send an email, submit a proposal, or even post a Seismic eShift, it’s a visual reminder that I am choosing to deliver, launch, and engage. Sure, I risk rejection, a disinterested readership, or no response. I also risk gaining success, strengthening relationships, and getting closer to my goals.

It’s easy to press the backspace key to re-edit, fix, or otherwise keep things in the “Drafts” folder to suit inner gremlins, but TA DA! is just so much more fun! Fence-sitting is no longer an option.

Mind you, all of this is a metaphor for your life, your reality, and your vision.

Where are you backspacing? What’s getting re-edited or stored indefinitely in the “Drafts” folder to suit your inner saboteurs? How do you want your ENTER key to be labelled instead?

Face it. You have brilliant ideas; you have words of value, love, and encouragement; you get to write your own story. For the sake of all of these, please manifest them, share them, launch them. Now.

There needs to be less backspacing and more “ta da”-ing.