Logical surrender

This is not about finishing what you started or having the courage to start in the first place. This is about sticking to your vision when everything else becomes unhinged.

What if you were in a race with no idea how far to go? Would you bother starting? What would make you quit?

Whatever you envision, seasoned pros say it’s never been done before – they’re ‘experts’ so they must be savvy about these things, right? Whatever you venture, well-meaning friends and family try to reclaim you back to what’s familiar and safe – it’s scary enough as it is, so what’s another year in delaying things, right?

In this video segment, Steve Jobs describes his bottom-line about the insanity of pursuing a true passion.

Maybe this is precisely where you are right now. Like a salmon swimming upstream against the rapids, you strive against the tide of reason. Rationality threatens to shut things down. Sanity and premature surrender have been the death of too many dreams.

Believe this: your vision will not be counted among the casualties. Stay insane and passionate. Trust your intuition. This is the fight of your life.