Seismic nudges


When I was a kid, one of my favourite games was KERPLUNKTM. The premise of the game is easy: place a bunch of marbles atop a criss-crossed jumble of sticks, pull out a stick one at a time and avoid letting the marbles fall through. Inevitably, the marbles shift, a few drop, and when enough sticks have been removed, the rest of the marbles fall. Kerplunk!

I often refer to cumulative ‘seismic nudges’ leading to seismic shifts in our lives. KERPLUNKTM illustrates seismic nudges perfectly. You may pull out a stick with no obvious immediate effect, but you’ve set the stage for other possibilities when another stick is removed. That’s the point – you have to keep removing sticks to play.

Such is the nature of ‘seismic nudges’ in life – you take a small risk in the name of what’s truly important to your very soul and set the stage for fantabulous possibilities, whether or not you feel it happening. You just have to keep playing and remove whatever is blocking your progress.

So don’t think of it as “dropping the balls” or “losing your marbles”. It’s about letting go and maybe even having some fun with it, especially if you used mini gumballs instead.