Saboteur’s fatal mistake

Spray-painted on the wall of a metropolitan subway station was a warning message: Beware of pickpockets. Many men who read it would unconsciously check that their wallet was still on their person, clearly broadcasting the precise location of opportunity to observing pickpockets.

It is exactly the same when you are about to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You are considering trying something – big or small, it doesn’t matter – that would create a new experience for you. Good ol’ Mr. or Ms. Saboteur shows up with a well-known, well-worn message: “Wait. You’ll hate that. Beware the possibility of failure.”

In its attempt to distract you, however, your inner saboteur has unwittingly identified and confirmed that you’ve just found an opening for growth, fun, fulfillment and success! It’s the saboteur’s equivalent of putting its hand to where the valuable potential is to ensure that the opportunity is not taken.

What fantastic opportunities are your saboteurs pointing out to you?