Learn to love the burn

After a hiatus from regular running for several years, I’m rebuilding my base. It hurts. My muscles burn and my lungs rebel. I run now because I remember what it was like to be able to cover long distances knowing that I still had extra gears at my disposal. I want to get there again.

I trust my legs. I relish the lactic acid burn in my muscles knowing that I’m getting stronger and stronger, evermore closer to my goals. Even had a little breakthrough recently when my legs and lungs actually felt nimble, if only for about ten seconds. Yes, Virginia, there really is a runner’s high.

Are you in the early stages of creating something new? Whatever it may be, trust your metaphorical legs to get you where you want to go. Your vision is your daily touchstone for success and delight.

Getting to the good stuff hurts at the start and there are no shortcuts, but, man oh man, the payoff! It can be a fabulous view at the trail peak, a breakthrough, a clarity. A mastery of self.

What are you running for?