Back on track

On the track

The very first time I rode on a motorcycle race track was at a skills development course in California. It was not a racing school. As a newer rider, I fell behind and lost sight of the rest of my group after the first few warm-up laps. First impression: seeing a track as a spectator is very different from being on the track itself. Was doing fine until I realized there was a fork in the course ahead.

What?!! WHY is there a fork in the track? THERE ARE NO FORKS IN A TRACK, IT’S A CLOSED LOOP. Which way do I GO?? … and so it went inside my head.

I pulled over and stopped to get my bearings. And then I got it. Just stay where there are more tire marks. The service road where I had stopped was less marked by tires and slightly narrower.

On unfamiliar ground, my untrained eyes didn’t know what to look for to keep me on track. Was I embarrassed? Yup. The instructors poked fun at me at the end of the day, but my riding was stronger and more confident.

As you navigate Life, it helps to know what to look for to stay the course and experience your greatest successes and growth. Your Guiding Principles serve you in this way as you journey through unfamiliar territory, when you’re breaking new and authentic ground personally and professionally. Without them, it’s easy to get delayed by side roads that don’t lead to where you want to go.

What Guiding Principles keep you en route to your Seismic Life?