Kick the peak

I recall reading a running article about how to ‘kick butt’ on hills; specifically, how to pass other runners on hills. It seems the secret isn’t necessarily to run uphill faster, but rather to pick up speed as you’re just about to crest the top. Most people slow down coming over the top. After all, it was hard work to reach the peak and now it’s time to take a wee bit of a breather as a reward. Yet slowing down is tantamount to surrendering your physical and psychological lead.

The peak here is a metaphor for your personal or professional tipping point to success. You’re not entirely sure when the tipping point will appear, but you know it’s there and you’re working hard for it. As challenging as the uphill work is now, the final kick to the top and beyond is a crucial time when your vision, love, resolve and, let’s face it, your hunger for a bigger life count the most.

Whatever it is you’re fighting for, working for, hungering for… now is the time to kick it up a notch. Set the peak on fire and take the lead.