Choose the cues

Certain things bring back specific memories and feelings. For me, it could be the smell of a new book or freshly cut grass, or the taste of Habitant ham and pea soup. It’s not that they simply remind me of a time or event – they manifest a recollection so meaningful that it’s practically physiological.

The “cues” I mentioned above evoke a strong sense of peaceful simplicity, adventure, and wellness. There are stories associated with each one.

Freshly cut grass reminds me of summer vacation when I was little. My friends and I played street hockey, stayed outside until it was dark, rode our bicycles everywhere, built forts, bought penny candy, and ran barefoot. To this day, for me, the smell of fresh-cut grass is freedom and outdoor adventure. Thank goodness I’m not allergic to it! Perhaps it conjures something different for you.

We can’t deny that certain things elicit not-so-great memories. Remember, you get to choose. What are some powerful, never-fail cues that revive your own sense of strength, freedom, playfulness, and achievement?

Experience one of them today.