It’s time for an upgrade

This is for you, whether or not you ride motorcycles.

This is the time of year when motorcycle shows ramp up. As previews to the upcoming riding season, these events showcase the new, the updated, the intriguing, and the all-out glitzy. Half the fun is in reconnecting with fellow riders you may not have seen since the last riding season. The rest of the fun is about exploring the possibilities that can shift your riding experience to the next level. It’s a surefire way to rev anticipation to get out on the road again.

When you are seriously considering an upgrade – whether it be a different bike, updated equipment and gear, or new farkles – two questions might hang in the balance.

1)      Is it worth keeping what I have now?
2)      What’s possible?

Many aspects of riding motorcycles are intuitive metaphors for manifesting a ‘seismic’ life. The condition of our equipment determines ride quality just as our belief systems determine our potential and outlook on life.

True, an older bike can provide many years of adventure and service, but we’re not machines – old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us will instead take their toll on our quality of life, even if you don’t sense it right away. It’s like running your motorcycle on bad fuel. How far do you think you’ll get?

Now ask yourself the above two questions, modified here as your ‘seismic nudges’:

1)      What are the costs of tolerating old beliefs and staying in my comfort zone?
2)      Hey, what if (insert opportunity-choice-possibility here)?

You are not a machine. You are not created to rust, warp or run down.

What kind of ride do you want your life to be?