Lean into the turn

While learning to ride a motorcycle, I quickly discovered the folly of braking while turning. Unlike bicycling, you can’t slow down to a crawl mid-turn and expect to hold up a 400-pound motorcycle already leaning at an angle.

In life, turning means we’re changing directions, shifting paths, trying something new… even if it’s just test-driving a new idea. We’re very good at applying the brakes mid-turn and talking ourselves out of an idea before fully exploring the possibilities. These metaphorical brakes are unique to each of us with their own sounds and messages.

Such a nasty cycle: we try something new, then apply the brakes when we feel discomfort or one route doesn’t work out as expected, so we learn to avoid turning at all. We steer clear from new paths due to preconceived obstacles.

Turning requires conscious choice followed by intentional action and follow-through. Leaning into the turn with momentum gives you balance and power. Only when you’re mid-turn can you see beyond to where you want to go.

Lean into the turn. Lean into your curiosity and all possibilities. Keep up the momentum en route to a new phase of your Seismic Life.