Coming home – Guest post

Madsocial pay it forwardLast spring, I started participating in a weekly tweetchat about motorcycling (#motochat). Rania Madanat is #motochat’s co-host and a social media whiz-bug. I’ve never met her in person, but what struck me the most about Rania is that she’s a true connector – not only through the social media scene, but also through her transparency and, dare I say, vulnerability in sharing real moments and insights into her life. Last summer, Rania tweeted throughout the time her friend’s motorcycle was broken down at the side of the road and they remained stranded until the early morning hours. The unspoken golden thread that ran through her funny tweets about the situation, including tweets to seek towing assistance, was her loyalty to a friend. I’d ride with Rania any time. I’m pleased to bring Rania Madanat to you in this week’s Seismic eShift.

1.       What would you say is your Compelling Purpose in your life? How is it showing up in your life?

I am often told that I connect people who normally would have never come together. This really made me think about how or why I’m doing that. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just enjoy the company and conversation of others from all walks of life and disciplines. This really was an eye opener when it comes to my life and who I am because I get involved in so many various things. So I guess my purpose in life is to meet as many people as I can, do as much as I can; learn and educate others about my experiences and hope it impacts the world in any way shape or form.

2.       How does riding a motorcycle align with your values, guiding principles, or compelling purpose? Is there a riding story that illustrates something special, meaningful, funny, dorky, or thrilling for you?

Motorcycling has really opened my mind and has helped me to find my inner self worth. It’s taught me to be courteous, how to be a better citizen, how to be that person who stops to help a stranger stranded on the side of the road, how to pay it forward daily, what camaraderie truly means, and what trust truly feels like. All of these things are what we are taught at a young age, but as we grow older and deal more with the public, we tend to lose sight of these guiding principles. I make it an effort every day to follow these principles, whether online or in the real world. It makes me feel good and that to me is living!

I’ve done plenty of touring in the last almost 14 years of riding. In 2011, I was riding from Milwaukee, WI to Coatesville, PA by way of Canada. I rode around Lake Michigan and into Michigan towards the Lake Huron Port of Entry into Canada. As I stopped to fill up on gas before entry, a lady came up to me and said, “You’re alone? I wish I had the courage to do what you are doing.”

After leaving the gas station it dawned on me that I wanted to live by water. The energy of people living by fresh water or the ocean seems to be so relaxed. I also realized that as much of the U.S. as I had seen, it really was all the same. The same stores, gas stations, museums, schools, local government offices, etc. What truly made a place different, whether it was by water or mountains, was, of course, the people! If your environment puts a smile on your face and you enjoy the company of the people in that environment, then you’re home. My goals are to move closer to water and to people who dream, who travel, who love life no matter how hard it hits or how great it gets.

3.       What’s your next adventure? Why is it important to you? What is ‘adventure’ for you?

My next great adventure would be to fly back to my homeland of Jordan where I was born and ride a Harley through the Holy Land. Imagine being in the ancient city of Petra on a motorcycle. Sigh! This trip is important to me because I haven’t been back since I left the country at the age of five. I would love to visit with family who lives there and finally meet all my motorcycle friends who I have connected with via social networking sites. I always believe that visiting where you’re from helps you to figure out who you really are. Adventure to me in one word is “Living”. Living everyday spontaneously is adventure.

Co-host of #motochat (Wednesdays, 1:00 pm PST)