Room for spaciousness

When you put aside all the different roles you portray, who’s left? Who is the true you when you shed everyone else’s versions of you?

The more I become clear on who I am and what I stand for, the more space it creates for unprecedented opportunities. I have discovered that certain kinds of people accept and welcome this kind of spaciousness while others are threatened by it.

It attracts those who are pursuing their own vision without their need to erode that of others. It invites those who embolden and can be emboldened. On the flip side, as vast as that spaciousness is, there’s no room for those who cling to box-sized belief systems. People will choose for themselves whether they want to stay or become a part of your new space. Let them choose.

The people in your life now are those who are meant to be here. And those whom you have yet to meet will depend on who you choose to be.

So, that begs the question: Who do you choose to be?