Rev it up!

The ability to cultivate motivation in the face of personal or professional challenges reflects how we view the world and how we create our own leadership impact. It’s not always easy or straightforward.

Creating your leadership impact isn’t about conquering the world or blasting through obstacles. Your life is sculpted by variable terrain that calls for resilience, awareness, and a readiness to adapt to different opportunities.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, I often call upon the riding experience to refresh, refuel, and redefine my motivational traction when the going gets gooey. Riding a motorcycle shifts my perspective, even when I can’t actually ride. Perspective is everything. It’s clarity. It’s pure momentum that will convey you as far as you dare.

Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, what is the experience that revs things up for you? When you re-immerse yourself in that peak experience, take another look at whatever challenge or opportunity you face.

From that peak perspective, what does that opportunity look like now?