Ten again

Doodle_When I grow upRecently, I discovered (ahem… RE-discovered) a favourite pursuit that I’ve downplayed for way too long: doodling. Far from mindless scribbles of distraction, doodling is actually a memory-enhancer and effective tactic to pay attention.

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a distant place, I used to tell stories through drawing, cartooning, and painting. That door slowly closed over the years. I had let it.

I fully believe that who we were as children – what we created, imagined, played, questioned, and believed – are expressed in different ways when we’re adults.

The image above is one of the results from a doodling weekend: a re-expression of an earlier blog post “When I grow up…” which recounts my top four childhood dreams.

It’s funny how “growing up” can end up looking very different from what we envisioned as children. And, still, I believe we can touch base with the sandbox, playground, grassy field, climbing tree, lakeside swing rope, trail, reading nook, road hockey, barefoot runs, Lego, Play-Do, bike ramps, toy trucks, Hide-and-Seek, Kick-the-Can, campfire story, Truth-or-Dare world of our childhood.

Although still rusty, my doodling is the visual equivalent of running – it has the power to shift my perspective.

So I’ll ask again…
What were your childhood dreams? How are they manifested today?