Shades of tenacity – Guest post

DoreenWhen I first met fellow motorcycle enthusiast Doreen Walmsley, she had just become a co-owner of Vancouver BMW-Ducati. Since then, she and I had some great chats about what it means to be a leader and to manifest a life based on your values in a way that supports those around you. As a single mom and co-owner of a growing business community with the recent launch of a new store, Ducati Richmond, Doreen exemplifies the varying shades of tenacity (her ‘theme’ for the year) and integrity in her personal and professional life. She says she is inspired by people who follow their passions and persevere, and who can remain positive despite difficult circumstances. Hate to break this to you, Doreen, but that sounds just like you!

1.  What is your top core value and/or compelling purpose? How does it show up in your life?

My top core values are honesty and transparency. I don’t like masks or fake people. I’m okay with others knowing my weaknesses and fears and letting myself be vulnerable. I would rather people know the real me, imperfect as I am. My compelling purpose is to have a full life, to be a positive influence to others, and to share my joy and passions. One way I do that is to ride my motorcycle purely for the sheer pleasure of it… so enticing, the feeling of freedom, the loud rumble of my pipes. Asking me why I like to ride is like asking someone why they like roller coasters, it’s just a lot of fun!

2.  What was your biggest insight from last year? What one word would define this year?

Probably the biggest lesson I got last year is that sometimes you get what you wish for, so be prepared! One word to define my new year is “tenacity”.

3.  Describe the last time you stretched outside your comfort zone. What’s next?

I feel like I am constantly going outside of my comfort zone. My first adventure motorcycle trip in South Africa in 2012 was probably my biggest stretch. I am not a long distance rider so touring every day in a foreign land with many days in bad weather conditions – torrential rains, high winds, and thick fog – stretched me. It’s like exercising – you work out until your muscles are completely spent and you feel weak, but, in fact, that is what makes you stronger.

My next adventure is to get on the track. It is important for me because I want to keep improving as a rider. Adventure to me is doing something that is new or out of the ordinary, whether it is checking out a new restaurant or getting myself lost riding on the North Shore.

4.  What challenge are you currently facing? What’s possible because of it?

My current challenge is to learn more about running businesses. In a former position I was on the board of directors, but being directly involved in the business is definitely an opportunity to be tenacious and to build connections. I enjoy gaining insights and wisdom from those with more experience. It opens up more possibilities to be creative and to think “outside the box”.

DOREEN WALMSLEY, Co-owner of Vancouver BMW-Ducati and Ducati Richmond.

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