Bridges are not for crossing

Bridges make any journey easier. They get you safely over the rough parts.

Yet, what if you had the chance to build it in the first place? Maybe it depends on how much you want to get to the other side or how costly it is to stay put.

So here you stand on this side of your potential, vision, opportunity, relationship, partnership (a.k.a. where you are now). Will you turn around and return to what’s “safe” and easy? Are you waiting for permission? Will you wait for someone else to build it for you?

Bridges aren’t about crossing over – they’re about connecting with. Reaching out to connect isn’t always easy. It can be full-out uncomfortable and risky, but you get to design it, create it, stretch with it.

Here’s the thing about bridges: they can be built from both sides. When you reach out, it’s an invitation for the other side (whatever or whomever is on the other side) to connect, too.

You get to unlock what was once believed inaccessible. What else do you get to access?

This is your chance to connect. What’s next?