Cultivating in faith

My words fall on deaf ears. Maybe forgotten a few minutes later. I pace through the day sharing everything I am, everything I know. Maybe more. Yet here is the silence. I sense the resistance. What’s the point? Energy isn’t created in a vacuum. I’ve made a mistake, haven’t I?

Do similar thoughts ever slouch through your mind?

Until a conversation-in-passing a little later:

“Hey, remember that thing that you mentioned to me two years ago?”

“Uh… yeah… uh-huh…” (Vaguely.)

“It has simplified a lot of things in my life. Thanks!”

Thumbs up.

I get it. Seismic nudges don’t always feel like nudges at the time to either the giver or the receiver. We reap what we choose to cultivate. It takes faith and patience to hope for something harvest-worthy after an unknown, unpredictable growing season.

Whether or not you know it, you, Dear Friend, have awesome innate power to set the stage for transformation in your world. Whether or not you believe it, you are vital to us. You little Nudge Meister!

What do you choose to cultivate?