Stupid hope

Expectations weren’t met. You were so relying on certain milestones. None came through. They’re never going to come through. It’s all a dead-end and you should just throw in the towel now. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. What do they know? You just want to wallow. If you don’t risk anything, then you don’t risk failure. Sound good?

Seriously?! I’m energetically drained just writing that.

And then…

There’s that sliver of silver. Unexpected. Small and bright. Unadulterated. Maybe a different hue from what you were seeking. Shifting and realigning. Will you dare to take a peek? You take the towel to wipe the perspiration from your brow and grasp the torch once again. Deep breath. One step at a time. That’s it!

Stupid hope. You know it’s always been there.