Lost connections

Do you remember the first time you answered the telephone to a pre-recorded message and was then put on hold? It was a new approach to telemarketing for automated mass outreach. After a stunned moment, did you hang up? I did. What was your impression?

I assumed that if you stayed on the line long enough, it was detected and something human would speak to you. I never tested this hypothesis because I always hang up when I sense no one is really there. Maybe you experienced something similar during in-person conversations. 

If you want to speak with me, then speak with me. Not at me. Not over me. Not around me. If you want to connect with me, then connect with me. Not my attention span. Not my money. Not my title.

What happens when you sense when you’re not being heard? Maybe you shut down and tune out. You “hang up”, figuratively.

You know what it feels like to be unheard.
Now where are you not listening?