Part 2: Author, Director and Star

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 2 of 5)

What if Cinderella wore running shoes? What’s the first crazy possibility that comes to mind? Can you even imagine a different storyline? 

Consider the following story structures:

“I’m a  (insert label here).”
“I can never do/say/achieve/try that because (insert your reasons here).”

Tell the same story over and over and it becomes entrenched. Tell it often enough and you stop questioning it. It lessens the risk of rejection or failure. It justifies your actions and inactions. It might influence your behaviour so as to adhere to a familiar storyline, thus garnering expected results and entrenching it deeper.

Change a single detail, shift your whole story.

You’re not orchestrating a specific outcome. You are discovering possibilities through new lenses, if you so choose.

You are the sole author, director, and star. No one knows your story better than you do. No matter how you choose to live your life, you get full credit for it. What do you want to get credit for?

Be curious
What story are you telling yourself? What or who told you that story? What’s possible when you rewrite a single detail today?