Part 3: Occupy Goo

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 3 of 5)

This is another big one. Discomfort. It shows up in many familiar forms – nervousness, fear, resistance, the desire to bolt, avoidance, stonewalling, retaliation, uncertainty, anger. Which ones are your go-to reactions?

This isn’t about the discomfort of tolerating situations that compromise your integrity, or physical and emotional health… that’s your instinct telling you that something is wrong or dangerous. This also isn’t about physically venturing outside your comfort zone through new actions, although it can serve as an access point for insightful self-discoveries. It is about taking a stand for the opportunities, conversations, and relationships that are meaningful to you – those which hold potential for greater connection, love, and fulfillment. 

Choosing resilience when it’s least convenient is the most powerful key to unlock your potential as a leader and human being. This reality hit home for me recently (see Resilience On The Fly). Doing something you haven’t done before is a cake-walk compared to being more of the person you want to be, especially when the stakes are high. As you become the person you want to be, your actions and responses will reflect who you are on the inside.

If beaming technology (à la that famous science fiction franchise) ever became available, I’d want it. Imagine traveling to any destination in a heartbeat! Here’s the thing: you can’t beam away from yourself.

By defaulting to the easiest escape from discomfort, you relinquish your choices and abdicate your natural resourcefulness. By seeking immediate relief for the short-term, you shun strengthened resilience for the long-term.

So what to do? Simply this: Occupy Goo. Notice it. Sit with it. Be with it. Get curious about it. Choose how you want to be when it shows up. It’s when the going gets gooey that resilience really shines.

Get curious

What do you notice when you feel discomfort in certain situations? How do you respond in similar situations? What are the benefits and costs of forfeiting your choices? What’s on the other side of the “goo”? How do you want to be the next time things get “gooey”? What will help you to remember you always have choices?