Part 5 of 5: Flip It!

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 5 of 5)

Welcome to the finale of the Seismic Resilience Series.

Resilience is a process that manifests as a thought, an action, a perspective, a reflection, a decision. Above all, resilience is all about choices. You get to choose.

You choose whether to notice your frustrations and expectations, or to succumb to them (Frustrated Attachments – You choose your perspectives through curiosity and creativity, or be held hostage to them (Author, Director and Star – You choose to navigate through the “goo” to reach the gold on  the other side, or stay stuck in neutral (Occupy Goo – And you choose to unearth and acknowledge your strengths and wisdom gained from past challenges, or bury the best of who you are (Through New Eyes –

Here’s your chance to pull it all together, if you so choose.  One of the simplest and most effective (therefore, one of my favourite) ways to access your curiosity and creativity is to reveal where you might be getting in your own way. In short, take an externally-oriented conflict (e.g., blame, feeling stuck) and FLIP IT to an internally-oriented curiosity.


Conflict: “So-and-so isn’t listening.”
Curiosity: “Where am I not listening?”

Conflict: “______ is blocking my progress.”
Curiosity: “Where am I blocking my own progress?

Are you resisting the idea that you play a part in a conflict? You are already courageous enough to choose how you perceive things and feel. I believe in you. Resilience is a choice. Remember what’s at stake and get “goo-ing”.

Get curious

Where is there a conflict in your life or business? Who or what are you blaming? What is your part in how you’re feeling? What is your “flip it” question of curiosity? What’s possible now?

A final thought

Throughout the series, did you take some time to note your thoughts or maybe chat with someone about them? What did you discover? These new truths might be the keys to unlock your Seismic Resilience which, in turn, can help you to rock your leadership Richter scale.