Easy to swallow

During a writing project, someone suggested I change a word to something simpler so that readers would understand, make it easier to swallow. The offending word was “segue”. Any idea what resource would be helpful in this situation?

Tactics to dumb-down communications disrespect all involved. Simplify yes, dumb-down no. Likewise, tendencies to gloss over challenges, avoid discomfort, or opt for convenience might make things immediately palatable, but will shortchange connections and resilience.  

The truth is that resources are readily available to assist us at all times. Your creativity and curiosity are inner resources. There’s inner wisdom that is yours for keeps. They are free and infinitely portable; they take up no space; they easily accrue with usage. They are the ultimate in accessibility. Choosing to forgo these, and other, innate resources is the basis of chronic (metaphorical) indigestion. There’s no dictionary in the world that can sweeten that condition.

Life isn’t meant to by-pass your taste buds. Remember to chew.

Where is there savoury potential in your life, relationships, and business?