The inconvenience of generosity

In earlier posts, I’ve mentioned how the conscious practice of resilience when it’s least convenient is the key that bolsters resilience multi-fold  (Occupy Goo). It feels counterintuitive, but getting through the “goo” is the fastest way to get to the gold on the other side. 

There’s another cue to a more subtle aspect of resilience. Have you ever felt a sense of deep disappointment or loss of faith? Certain situations can awaken our inner cynics, more vividly in some than in others. Cynicism contracts our world and warps our perspectives. It makes us empathetically stingy. And so, counterintuitively, cynicism invites us to practice Resilience under its other name: Generosity.

It feels distinctly inconvenient to choose to be in the spirit of generosity when you’re at your most cynical. And if it feels inconvenient, then it must be Resilience calling.

What does generosity look like? When is it inconvenient to be generous? Where is generosity missing for you?