You find what you look for

A colleague recently asked for assistance in purchasing and establishing a business website domain. Having faith in her natural resourcefulness, I suggested a domain registrar and that she follow the simple steps to set up her account.

A few days later, my friend told me that, in her online search for the correct website, some highly suggestive and questionable results were coming up. It turns out the search term she typed was “BigDaddy”!  

Put bluntly, to create traction in your life and business success, it makes a huge difference to be super, crazy clear in what you’re seeking. When your objective is neither clear nor aligned with your guiding principles, the results rarely reflect what you truly want; they may, in fact, distract and derail your purpose.

Back to my friend… she eventually discovered the laughable hiccup – a detour she will never repeat, I’m sure – and got the results she wanted for her business.

Where do you want more clarity?