Bigger picture unleashed

Walking the dogA dog that veers off, hell-bent on pursuing an enticing scent, tramps a haphazard path to pinpoint the source. This in itself is perfectly fine unless:

  1. Said dog is attached to a leash;
  2. Said leash is attached to an arm;
  3. Said arm is attached to a human caught unawares.

What’s the Bigger Picture?

In a team or business environment, an unexpected change, no matter how small, gets attention. Without advance notification or shared preparation, we perceive a sudden shift as heralding uncertain times. Regardless of title, status, or situation, we want to know the bigger picture, and where we and our contributions fit in.

In an informational vacuum, people fill the void by spinning stories based on their own perspectives and beliefs. These can be reinforced by ill-informed side conversations and speculation. Before you know it, we’re losing our footing. Yet keeping a tight leash gives a false sense of control and leaves one even more vulnerable to sudden changes. There is no flexibility. Tight control kills agility.

Get rid of the leash.

  • Articulate the Bigger Picture every chance you get;
  • Share the journey;
  • Build and support individual and team leadership agility;
  • Trust each other;
  • Repeat.