Even anger has a voice

Anger isn’t pretty. It’s not even pretty to write about. To be clear, I’m referring to the non-violent kind of anger stemming from some level of frustration.

There is the slow smoldering kind, the quick-flash kind, the kind threatening to overwhelm logic, the impatient kind, the kind that is linked to some previous experience or assumption, and the kind that shows up on another’s behalf.

Did you just notice that?… your initial reaction when reading this? It’s too raw. A tad distasteful?  

Is there ever a good time, a good way, to feel anger? What else shall we call it for it to be more palatable? It’s instinctive to call something by another label for it to be acceptable.

Even anger has a voice. We’re in such a rush to shush it.

What is it trying to tell you?