Premature celebration

Championships and reputations have been lost this way.

There are many instances of premature celebration at all levels in the sporting world – triathlon, football, soccer, snowboarding, motocross, motorcycle racing, rollerblading, bicycling, rugby, bull-fighting, horse-racing, biathlon.

Miscounting the number of laps. Coasting to the finish line. Obliviousness to a soccer ball’s backspin. Tossing the ball in victory a half-step from the end zone. All is lost in a moment of inattention, in celebration of getting something not yet secured. It’s almost painful to watch.  

Consider what’s worthy and courageous in your life and business. Relationships, culture, trust, purpose, your voice, health, love, creativity… and so much more.

Listening without expectations. Supporting without enabling. Combining strengths. Encouraging individual resourcefulness. Everything is gained in small moments, in the giving of respect. It’s magnificent to experience.

What do you get when you give?
(Image blurred to protect the confused.)