High fidelity of B-sides

Let’s say you own a vinyl record album called “Fully Resilient”. The A-side would likely feature songs about positivity, strength, and gratitude with liberal sprinkles of affirmations and courageous quotes. Everyone wants to rock to the A-side. The B-side gets less play, yet it holds creative gems that tend to get overlooked. Maybe the lyrics aren’t as snappy or the scores are less catchy.  

In the first post of my Seismic Resilience Series, I wrote that “… resilience is the capacity to withstand and navigate stress and crises… It does not mean… freedom from feeling the impact of negative experiences.”

This is too important to dismiss: the “impact of negative experiences” is your B-side music – legitimate, real, and uniquely yours. Learning to dance with the discomfort, risk, or uncertainty you experience is to dial into Full Resilience.

Artists often say that the music most meaningful to them aren’t necessarily the hits. One-sided living is the white noise we end up tuning out.

What’s playing on your B-side?