Final countdown

Reaching a personal milestone can be unexpected. Take my early morning run yesterday – it was still dark, rainy, and chilly. It was also the week I upped my training mileage.

As I approached the last traffic light at the end of my route, I was at that threshold distance where you wonder whether the green light was stale enough to justify slowing down or early enough to warrant, heaven forbid, a final sprint. 

Did I mention it was dark, rainy and cold? I was soaked through and definitely did not want to chill down waiting through a red light, yet confidence wavered as my leaden legs protested. Then I got close enough to see the 10-second countdown before the lights would turn yellow.

When you have 10 seconds to achieve a greater goal, no matter how small it may seem, you don’t waste another breath debating the pros and cons. I ran.

Now how about you? How can I help you to rekindle your inner Resurrection Fire  that no darkness, rain, or chill can smother?

Now matters. Deciding now matters. Choosing now, being here now, and speaking up now matter.

You matter.