Hello and welcome. I am a certified executive and leadership coach (CPCC). It has been my pleasure to support and coach people in arenas of all kinds – team leadership development, business owners, solopreneurs, media interview preparations, triathlon training, creative pursuits, and fellow coaches. One of my greatest joys is to witness motivated people reach a new level of potential and mastery that they never thought possible, especially when and where it counts the most.

Drawing from over 20 years as a research physiologist, communications specialist, and consultant, I combine my science, communications, and coaching experiences to engage, inspire and nudge the people I work with.

For many years, I escaped to the outdoors to recharge physically and emotionally only to be drained during the work week. This recharge-drain cycle proved unsustainable until I decided to stop separating my professional and personal worlds and, instead, bring my outdoor perspectives to work. Why not experience the final push to complete a challenging project as I would a beautiful mountain hike to celebrate the vista at the top?

When I started responding to life’s daily hiccups and opportunities with the same perspectives and curiosity as I would in my favourite outdoor pursuits, it became easier to make decisions and focus, to be more comfortable with discomfort and risk, to get through the “goo”, and to trust my intuition everyday. And if I can, you can.

That’s why I believe in the powerful simplicity of the mind-body-soul triad. As a motorcycle enthusiast and all-season multisport “lifestyler”, I know that the active and creative pursuits we love – our passions and inspirations – can unlock full engagement and perspective in every arena of life. It’s also why I launched Moto Leadership to connect and engage “7th Gear Leaders” who live the ride and navigate life’s varied terrain by integrating their riding experiences into daily life and business success.


“Grace’s intelligent, critical thinking is equally balanced with focus, dedication and commitment… these unique traits are pivotal in providing the necessary gusts of wind for the sails in your life.”  ~ Joanne Veltri, President, True North42


If you’re serious about making real changes in your personal excellence or team performance, then take advantage of a free and confidential 30-minute consultation. Connect with me.