Uncomplicated joy

On the same theme as last week’s post (Bigger Picture Unleashed), let’s meet Walter, a fellow water-lover.

Walter is my hero. He is the epitome of uncomplicated joy in action. I watch this video when I need a motivational nudge and a laugh.

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Love letter from a long lost friend

Dear Friend,

It’s been such a long time since we were last together. I remember the first time we connected. There was a definite spark. Your eyes twinkled, your heartbeat quickened, and your smile made my day. It was genuine, but all too brief. I miss you.

We lost touch over the years. You didn’t know where to find me, yet I was always here. You kept passing by me each day. I tried to catch your attention, sometimes through a memory, a song, a conversation you overheard, or a flashback.  Continue reading Love letter from a long lost friend

Body-Mind-Spirit Harmony and Joy — Guest post

bird-thread_BGuiledBrenda Guiled has been a kindred spirit friend since 1995 when we started our journeys in Okinawan go-ju (hard-soft) karate. While my life journey took a different path, Brenda continued on. In 2002, she graduated to 3rd-degree black belt and soon after founded the Salt Spring Shorei-Kan dojo on Salt Spring Island, BC, continuing since then as chief instructor. Recently, I found my old belt and recalled the wisdom in the metaphor of a black belt’s transition back to white through dedication and sustained commitment. I asked Brenda to share her journey through karate and its influence in her life. May Brenda’s story nudge your curiosity to discover where your own experiences and perspectives interweave. Thank you, Brenda for your always-curious creativity.

“White Bird” (monoprint) by Brenda Guiled.
© BGuiled/www.bguiled.com

We talk about “getting it together”, to centre our life and somehow keep it that way. Big ‘somehow’!

There are reliable ways to do this and countless approaches. It comes down to one thing: bringing mind-body-spirit into such harmony and joy that it’s the normal state of being. ‘Mind’ is first in this modern-world arranging of these elements, with the body to carry it around, while the spirit is some ineffable other.   Continue reading Body-Mind-Spirit Harmony and Joy — Guest post

What I know for sure

It’s natural to want to know the outcome before it happens. Before taking a step in any direction, you want to know for sure that you’re making the “right” decisions, that safeguards are set up, and that risks are minimized. When things get a little foggy and the way forward isn’t clear, we want even more information.

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Bridges are not for crossing

Bridges make any journey easier. They get you safely over the rough parts.

Yet, what if you had the chance to build it in the first place? Maybe it depends on how much you want to get to the other side or how costly it is to stay put.

So here you stand on this side of your potential, vision, opportunity, relationship, partnership (a.k.a. where you are now). Will you turn around and return to what’s “safe” and easy? Are you waiting for permission? Will you wait for someone else to build it for you?

Bridges aren’t about crossing over – they’re about connecting with. Reaching out to connect isn’t always easy. It can be full-out uncomfortable and risky, but you get to design it, create it, stretch with it.

Here’s the thing about bridges: they can be built from both sides. When you reach out, it’s an invitation for the other side (whatever or whomever is on the other side) to connect, too.

You get to unlock what was once believed inaccessible. What else do you get to access?

This is your chance to connect. What’s next?