Final countdown

Reaching a personal milestone can be unexpected. Take my early morning run yesterday – it was still dark, rainy, and chilly. It was also the week I upped my training mileage.

As I approached the last traffic light at the end of my route, I was at that threshold distance where you wonder whether the green light was stale enough to justify slowing down or early enough to warrant, heaven forbid, a final sprint.  Continue reading Final countdown


You find what you look for

A colleague recently asked for assistance in purchasing and establishing a business website domain. Having faith in her natural resourcefulness, I suggested a domain registrar and that she follow the simple steps to set up her account.

A few days later, my friend told me that, in her online search for the correct website, some highly suggestive and questionable results were coming up. It turns out the search term she typed was “BigDaddy”!   Continue reading You find what you look for

Wrenching with heart and soul

A while back, I took a motorcycle maintenance course. It was a combination of classroom seminars on basic bike mechanics and hands-on demonstrations, complete with a day in the shop to work on our own bikes. Everyone in the course wanted new knowledge and basic mechanical skills to make minor adjustments and repairs.

We were riders of different ages and different competencies, yet even the most experienced was open to discovering what lives beneath the surface. We were a curious bunch and, with our instructor nearby, we gained the confidence to take tools to our bikes.

When it comes to wrenching, the questions that haunt the newly initiated include, “If I take this apart, can I put it back together? Properly? What if I find extra bolts lying around afterward? Do I trust myself?”
Continue reading Wrenching with heart and soul

Resilience on the fly

It has taken me a little while to decide to share this particular story about resilience. It’s very personal, yet a friend encouraged me to share it as it might encourage others to discover their innate resilience during challenging times. The ‘Seismic Resilience Series’ will resume next week with Part 2, “Author, Director and Star”.

At the beginning of August, an oncologist confirmed that my mother has advanced cancer in five different organs. She showed accelerated deterioration throughout August and into September when she started chemotherapy. Only a month and a half ago, she was driving, walking the dog, cooking, and listening to operas and concertos online. What a music buff!

There has been no time to adapt emotionally and cognitively. We take things day by day now. In Part 1 (Frustrated Attachments), I wrote that “Building your resilience muscles takes time…”. This isn’t entirely true. You don’t always have the luxury of time.  Continue reading Resilience on the fly

The “10” I almost missed

“Seismic nudges” feature prominently in my coaching practice and speaking engagements. Such nudges can have an impact ranging from barely perceptible all the way to 10 on your personal Richter scale. Recently, I got served a “10” that started out as a “1”.

In June, I launched an initiative after spending the previous year occupied with delay tactics, heel-digging, and dodging the launch pad. Yes, even coaches get in their own way. When I finally took a deep breath and put my idea out to the universe, I thought I had the big picture in mind.

During a conversation with a potential advocate of my initiative, they posed a question that I mentally dismissed at the time, yet it kept bugging me. That was my “1”. The  implications didn’t hit me until two days later. Hello, “10”!

Apologies for being vague. The details aren’t important here. What’s important is that even though we may have a clear vision of what we want, there’s still room for possibilities on top of your possibilities.

What possibilities are you dismissing right now?