Even anger has a voice

Anger isn’t pretty. It’s not even pretty to write about. To be clear, I’m referring to the non-violent kind of anger stemming from some level of frustration.

There is the slow smoldering kind, the quick-flash kind, the kind threatening to overwhelm logic, the impatient kind, the kind that is linked to some previous experience or assumption, and the kind that shows up on another’s behalf.

Did you just notice that?… your initial reaction when reading this? It’s too raw. A tad distasteful?   Continue reading Even anger has a voice


Just checking

When the universe seems obsessed with flinging endless delays, glitches, and temptations in your path, surrender beckons ever more sweetly. Yet through the din of distractions comes the merest whisper:

“Are you sure?”
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You find what you look for

A colleague recently asked for assistance in purchasing and establishing a business website domain. Having faith in her natural resourcefulness, I suggested a domain registrar and that she follow the simple steps to set up her account.

A few days later, my friend told me that, in her online search for the correct website, some highly suggestive and questionable results were coming up. It turns out the search term she typed was “BigDaddy”!   Continue reading You find what you look for

Redefining moments

It’s a harsh realization to learn that you’re valued more for what you do rather than for who you are. It’s harsher still if you think that what you do is everything you can do, that it’s too late. The cruelest of all is a belief that who you are right now is all you can be, that there’s nothing more to discover. Who dared to tell you these lies? Unforgivable.  Continue reading Redefining moments

Part 4: Through New Eyes

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 4 of 5)

Let’s link back to the stories we tell ourselves (Author, Director and Star). They must have started somewhere. They may stem from past events and cumulative experiences. Unlike the fairy tale of Cinderella, your experiences really happened. It’s not enough to change a single detail to shift the whole story, right?

Life events you perceive as being negative have the greatest impact and longest recall. They can have a tremendous, and sometimes unconscious, impact on how you view your world and how you see your place in that world… and they are one of the best places to unearth strengths and wisdom you didn’t know you already have.

Before you replay the story that you’re the victim of your negative experiences and that’s why you never learned how to play the accordion, stop right where you are. Can you recall an experience without re-living it? I’ve moved the “Get Curious” questions usually found at the end of each article to this point here. Take some time to delve deeper.

Get curious
Consider an event, relationship, or experience that had a significant impact on you. What were some of the “gooey” times you got through? What strengths and wisdom are now yours as a result? What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t know before? How will your “story” change now?

As you see your experiences through new eyes, you might even start recognizing little check-points that nudged you to stretch, grow, and learn a little more. You just didn’t realize it at the time. You’re on your way to discovering your strengths and inner resources. No one can take them away from you.

Hello, Resilience!